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In November 2008, Neil came to Mumbai for a short visit and during that time, he received advertising work to eventually take up a place and shuttle between Mumbai and Chennai.  Later in Mumbai, serious collaboration with Bollywood started. In 2014, Neil moved to Mumbai permanently, where he currently resides. At present, he works in Bollywood and documentary film projects, in the advertisement industry and does independent compositions with his band NeilMukho.



Around 2009, Rubaiyat Hossain approached Neil to do the background score for Meherjaan, which was Neil’s first work as a feature film music director (see Film Music).

The music of Meherjaan bagged a number of international awards. Most of the music production for Meherjaan was done in Chennai and Mumbai. A part of it was done in Kolkata. This production had used the services of  extremely talented musicians, engineers. Biju James  and Madhu Vishwanathan worked as recording engineers. Madhu Vishwanathan did the final mix and master for the film and the original sound track (Meherjaan credit list). At this time Neil was traveling between Mumbai and Chennai.

Other Projects:


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Picture of the blurb of NeilMukho.


In 2018, a live concert at Jadavpur University was the beginning of NeilMukho the band, which was initially known as “Neil Mukherjee, The Collective”. NeilMukho include Koustav Dey (Guitars, backing vocals), Ritoban Das (Drums,  backing vocals), and Shamik Chatterjee (Bass, backing vocals) and Neil. NeilMukho eventually became platform to record, perform and release the current Bengali songs composed and written by Neil and his collaborators. With eight songs and one instrumental piece under its belt, NeilMukho is becoming the channel of Neil's return to Bengali experimental music, as reported by this article in The Times of India. 


The Beatles and India:

In 2018, Neil reinterpreted two Beatles songs (“I will” and “Sexy Sadie”) for the accompanying album of a British documentary The Beatles and India, celebrating fifty years of The White Album, and The Beatles in India. As a huge Beatles fan, it was a personal honor for Neil to be a part of such an album, and his observations received noteworthy mentions in publications.

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